Website Design – Focus Cambodia

The Client

Focus Cambodia is an Australian registered charity doing amazing work to change the life of impoverished communities in the republic of Cambodia.

The Problem

Focus Cambodia required a solution for promoting its charitable activities, attracting new supporters and engaging with existing supporters, and raising much needed funds through the sale of items handmade by many of the communities it was supporting.

The organisation required the solution to be simple to self manage and take advantage of wider audiences on popular social media services such as Twitter and Facebook.

The Solution

Outsmart developed a social media marketing strategy for Focus Cambodia which included a website and blog which was tightly integrates with a twitter and Facebook page.

The website is highly dynamic and allows focus Cambodia to report on its activities, successes and challenges, which can be flag to featured on the site home page so that its is constantly fresh and up to date.

Not being particularly web savvy, Outsmart created the system so that by simply creating posts and selecting appropriate check boxes, the posts can be featured, shown non the home page, and published by RSS feed, on its Facebook page and as a Twitter feed.

The Results

Focus Cabodia has reported that the website has become central to the promotion and reporting of its activities as well as allowing it to create a wide and highly engaged supporter base.

Supporters are engaging with the organisation on Facebook, Twitter and directly on the site, and its customer base for its handmade crafts is expanding exponentially.

Interestingly, a secondary impact of the success of the strategy is that the organisation now has a highly effective archive of its activities which has improved accountability and supported engagement.


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