Social Media Strategy – Fruut Toy Storage System

The Client

fruut is a new and exciting brand of innovative and stylish toy storage products created by Australian company Live Play Create, designed to make it easy to store, play and pack away.

It is a system that is comprised of fruut sacks, a toy bag which opens up to become a toy play surface particularly suited to toys with multiple small pieces, and stylish hangers or racks such as the fruut tree, a beautiful piece of wall art with hooks on which the fruut sacks and other items can be hung.

The Problem

The owners of the fruut brand needed a way of promoting the brand and its unique value proposition to its target market of Australian mothers of young children which have a passion for unique and stylish home décor.

Being a new concept in toy storage, the company needed to create an awareness of the product as it developed its retail channel which included both its existing toy retailers but would extend to children’s boutiques, home furnishing specialist as well as interior decorators and commercial designers.

The Solution

Outsmart worked with Live Play Create to develop a grass roots online strategy for the company to compliment both its exisiting online campigns as well as its offline marketing initiatives.

The strategy included the following elements;

  • Website design: a fruut brand specific micro site, which promoted fruuts features, benefits and brand promosition
  • Video: as the product was so unique, video was embedded into the fruut websites home page, company youtube channel and embedded as a viral facebook video
  • Blog: a series of blog articles on the companys blog, which were syndicated onto the fruut website and published on its twitter and facebook profiles
  • SEO: the website was optimised around key serach terms such as toy storage, toy storage systems and shildrens storage
  • SEM: the website was promoted on a large number of online directories, shopping comparison sites and its blog and social media updates were keyword enriched and promoted so that they would rank in erach engine results
  • Shopping comparison sites: the products were submitted to all of the major Australian shopping comparison sites such as, getprice, nexttag, and shopbot.
  • PPC: A google adwords PPC campign established around keywords realted to toy storage
  • Social Media – Facebook a very active campign on the Live Play Create facebook fan page interacting in particulalr with a lage number of complimentary facebook pages and mum bloggers.
  • Facebook ads; in addition to the social networking campaihgn on facebook, an intensive 8 week facebook ads campaign was created to build the companys brand avocates.
  • Social Media – Twitter: creating awarenewss through interactions on titter with influencial twitter avolcates and mum bloggers
  • Social Bookmarkeing – an extensive campaign of social bookmarkeing of the fruut website and blog posts related to the brand on a wide range of social networking sites

The Results

Live Play Create report that a lot of interest has been created in the new brand from both expected and unexpected sales channels. This has led to the creation of a wide retail distribution channel as well as the product being used by commercial interior design firms for creating unqiue spaces for children.

The brand has been widely promoted by pro bloggers and social media champions

The brand’s video has been viewed over 10,000 times and website is ranking number 1 in google for toy storage system and on page 1 for toy storage as well as for its brand names.

At a recent trade show the company was amazed at buyer awareness of the product, reporting they had been exposed to the concept particularly in the social media and in industry blogs.


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