SEO Strategy – Austin Developments

The Client

Austin Developments is a developer of stylish and unique outdoor living environments. Based in Perth, Western Australia, the company has a strong reputation for its quality and creativity in outdoor pergola, patio, cabana and timber decking designs.

The problem

Austin Developments had identified that its potential customers had shifted from using traditional directories such as the Yellow Pages towards online sources of information.

To better take advantage of this shift, Austin Developments wanted to create a Internet Marketing Strategy which would give it a greater and more effective presence online.

Frustrated that a considerable portion of its marketing budget had been spent on Yellow Pages style campaigns and that their corporate website was expensive to modify every time they wanted to make a changes, the company approached Outsmart to help it create a more effective internet marketing strategy.

The Solution

Austin Developments are artisans in their field, the creation of exemplarity outdoor living spaces and had an impressive portfolio of work to its credit. As such, we decided that their online presence needed to take maximum advantage of visuals of its great work.

First and foremost was the recreation of a website which had a simple to use and maintain content management system. A system that was easy for the owners to manage themselves and upload each new project as completed to expand their online portfolio.

Video was created and integrated into the website to give visitors an experience of the lifestyle improvements that was accompany an investment in an Austin Development lifestyle space.

We created a rage of high quality image galleries so that users of the website could get inspirations for their own projects as well as demonstrate the company’s track record.

A blog incorporated in the site allowed the owners to write about each project as completed, talking about the design briefs, challenges which needed to be overcome and how they arrived at the specific solution.

An integration with social media sites such as twitter and Facebook mean that Austin developments could be exposed to a wider audience and take advantage of some of the viral benefits of things such as the Facebook like buttons.

Finally, we implemented a highly targeted SEO campaign to improve the companies ranking in the major search engines.

The Results

The company has reported that it has decided to reduce its large expenditure on Yellow Pages advertising as it starts to receive the benefits of new online marketing strategy.

Customers are spending more time on their website and they are using it as a marketing tool while in customer presentations.

The ability to manage their own online content rather than rely on a web dev elopement firm means they are now updating this on a regula basis and it has become an integral part of its marketing mix that it now has control of.

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