Add the Google +1 Button to a WordPress Website

The battle for better targeted, more relevant, search results is truly on. While the Facebook Like button originated as a way to share content with your fiends, it is now embedding itself in Bings search algorithms.

Social signals are now being used to help rank regular search results, according to Danny Sullivan’s Search Engine Land. In particular, your stature on Twitter could help influence how a page ranks in web search.

What is Social Serach

Social Search, according to Google, helps you discover relevant content from your social connections, a set of your online friends and contacts. Content from your friends and acquaintances is sometimes more relevant and meaningful to you than content from any random person.

Google and the +1 button is Google’s latest attempt to grab a piece of the social pie. The +1 button is basically Google’s response to the Facebook Like button. A way for people to decide what is relevant online, in this case on Search.

Why is the Google +1 Button Important for Websites

It is very early days and while no-one can know at this time how successful +1 may be for Google, one thing that is certain is that Google is very very determined to make it work. In face, the entire staff of Google’s bonus are being linked to Google’s success in social this year.

Even more importantly for blog and website owners, you can be certain that +1 will become part of Google’s attempts to improve on the current state of search results it is serving up to prevent further erosion to the likes of Bing.

Sites that get in early will be giving themselves to best opportunity to maximise their +1 scores. This can only be a positive.

Adding Google’s +1 Button to a WordPress Website

Fortunately, adding the Google +1 button to your WordPress website is a breeze. Google has published Add +1 to your pages, which is a simple way to generate the widget to place on your site.

Adding Google +1 to your website

Even simpler, there are a number of WordPress plugins already available. We have incorporated the WordPress Plugin – Google +1 Button in this site, whoever a quick search for plugins for Google +1 button will yield a large array of alternative results.

Wordpress Plugin - Google +1 Button

While the Google +1 Button plugin will only allow you to position your +1 button at either to top or bottom of a post, not both, you can easily adjust the styling by tweaking the css settings.

Effect of Adding the Google +1 Button

Its very early days so some water is going to need to pass under the bridge before there is any real concrete evidence as to +1’s impact on websites. It is a very easy implementation, much easier than the early effort required to add like buttons to sites when they first become popular, so I would encourage all blog and website owners to get your +1’s working for you.

We hope this post helps with your implementation. If so, don’t forget to click the +1 at the top of the page.

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