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Internet Marketing Strategy – Live Play Create

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Live Play Create required a scalable Internet Marketing Strategy to accommodate its growth from a single product small business to a large international operation with a portfolio of products and brands.

Client :Live Play Create

Product : Developer of unique, stylish and functional toys and children’s lifestyle products

Campaign : Online Marketing Strategy – Website Design and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Background :Live Play Create is an Australian company which develops and markets a range of stylish and unique toys and children’s lifestyle products.

Founded by Cathy Ballardin, a West Australian mum with a passion for sustainable design, the company had grown from a single product to a portfolio of successful brands.

Challenge: Live Play Create had grown from focusing on a single product which it marketed through its own website, to a portfolio of products and brands marketed through a large retail network.

The company wanted to ensure brand integrity by operating the top ranking website for each of its products and brands, have an online presence for customers who did not have access to one of its retail distributors, yet did not want to complete with its retailer customers.

Internet Marketing Strategy: After meeting with the team and discussing their objectives, budget and resources Outsmart presented Live Play Create with an Internet Marketing Strategy which included website design and search engine optimisation (SEO)and would meet all of its desired outcomes.

The strategy was to develop a hierarchy of websites as follows:

Internet Marketing Strategy

Live Play Create needed an internet marketing strategy to cater for its growing portfolio of brands

  • A corporate site at the top of the hierarchy comprised of general information on the company, information on the respective brands and a corporate blog.
  • A suite of brand specific micro-sites which would be used the communicate products and brands and allow customers to easily locate their nearest retailer, and
  • An online shop where customers could purchase any of the company’s products online if they did not have access to its retail network.


  • The company’s brand websites are ranking #1 in Google.
  • The company’s corporate website is ranking #2 in Google for its respective brands.
  • Transactions through the company’s online shop have increased by 27%
  • There has been an increase in traffic across the hierarchy of sites of 32% above the traffic from the previous standalone website.
  • The company is more effectively diverting customers to its retail partners.

About the Author:
Outsmart is a Perth based Internet marketing company which specialises in search and social media marketing strategies.