Social Networking Strategies

What is Social Networking

Social networking is about using technologies and tools powered by the internet to build relationships and share ideas, media, information and opinions with others.

Common social networking sites which most people in Australia are familiar with include Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and LinkedIn.

These sites allow users to create personal profiles and connections, form or join groups related to particular interests and share media, messages, ideas, links and blogs.

Why is Social Networking important for business

Social media presents a wide range of opportunities for businesses. Some of these opportunities are based on social media sites selling advertising, and this advertising can be highly targeted.

More important however is the ability to create really personal relationships around your brand and its fans or customers, to manage your brands reputation through its interactions with people within its social network.

Significantly also, is the ability to monitor how people feel about your brand and your competitors.

Google, YouTube and Facebook are filled with countless case studies of businesses successfully leveraging social networking tools to grow their businesses; however it doesn’t come without its risks.

Social Networking and your business

The ways in which your business can use social media to promote your brand, build strong customer relationships and engage with your fans or customers are virtually limitless, however these will be unique to your business.

Your social networking strategy will depend greatly on the type of business you are operating, the resources you have available, the tone or voice that your business uses and your businesses wider communication strategy.

Your social networking strategy may be as simple as maintaining a blog and interacting with a reader base through comments and replies to discuss articles and ideas. It could be maintaining a Facebook page for your business. Whichever strategy your business decides to adopt, it is important that is conducted professionally and managed like any other aspect of your wider communications strategy.

Outsmart Social Networking Strategies

Outsmart can create a social networking strategy that is tailored for your business. Our social networking solutions include:

  • Integrations of popular social networking sites with your website and or blog,
  • Monitoring of social networking conversations and themes related to your brand, business or industry,
  • Managing your social networking assets, content and communications,
  • Training your team in social networking applications, usage and techniques. and
  • Reporting on the effectiveness of your social networking campaigns

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