Link Building

Why Link Building is still one of the most important SEO strategies?

Search engines carefully guard the algorithms they use to determine a website’s importance, reputation or authority. It is however generally accepted that one of the strongest factors which affects how a website is compared to others is the quality and diversity of incoming links from other websites.

This is what we call the popularity contest where each link from a website other than your own is considered a vote. It is how you build your brand or reputation online.

Unfortunately, it’s a little more complex than that and not all votes are considered to be equal, so it would be better to say that the sites that rank the best will tend to have the highest number of inbound links from important related websites.

Easy right, well not quite. There is also the little matter of the quality of the link related to specific keywords and this is determined by the anchor text of the link, or what we call link quality.

To summarise, the importance of your website site can be determined by secret algorithms used by search engines that are generally accepted to take into account;

  1. The volume of incoming links to a web page,
  2. The relevance and importance of the websites that link to your website, and
  3. The anchor text (link text) of the incoming link to your website.

The challenge with Link Building

Understanding the science behind the importance of link building is relatively easy, but converting this into practice can be quite a challenge. This applies even more so to new websites which are trying to get noticed in the wider internet.

Part of the reason why it can be so difficult to get top quality inbound links for your website is that high ranking websites tend to want to share their links with other high ranking websites. This is on account of the loss of “link juice” that can occur with each outbound link a site passes.

This apparent catch 22 is considered by many to be a major hurdle to their link building endeavors. And link building is a highly strategic and time consuming.

Your Link Building strategy

Website owners and marketers have a number of choices when considering a link building strategy. They can go it alone, submit their site to link farms or outsource their link building campaigns.

For most busy organisations, there simply may not be the time, resources or desire to undertake their own link building campaign and link farms, automatic submissions and websites offering link building packages guaranteeing to get you into the top og Google’s search results are actually more likely to get your website blacklisted from search engines’ indices.

Outsmart Link Building Solutions

Outsourcing your link building campaign to Outsmart makes great business sense. We use a system of proven techniques to ethically market your website and content online to procure quality back links. Features of our link building solutions include:

  1. 6 or 12 duration month campaigns as link building is most effective when conducted in a consistent manner over time.
  2. Submission of your websites to appropriate online directories
  3. Writing and publishing variations of your top content to article submission sites
  4. Link baiting – writing and publishing content designed to attract inbound links
  5. Blogging and building a network of related sites with which you can share the link love
  6. Exchanging links with relevant websites
  7. Using social networking and social media to promote your site and attract links
  8. Participating in discussions on industry or related blogs

Your new link building campaign starts today. Contact Outsmart now to find out how.

Link Building Services