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Content Management for busy organisations

No matter what online media you choose to promote your business, fresh, unique, regularly updated content is the thing that is going to get your online assets noticed and promoted by both the search engines and customers or potential customers.

Unfortunately, among the different priorities involved in running a business, there is often little time and energy available for maintaining and creating new, fresh and valuable content.

The importance of Content Management

Online content exists in so many forms and is the foundation of internet be it websites, blogs, microblogs, social media, news, eCommerce sites, comparison sites, in fact the internet essentially exists as a means of distributing it.

The internet is a mountain of content, some good, much of it bad.

Fortunately this means that content is perhaps the single most important tool you have in differentiating yourself from the pack in the online world.

Equally as important, as of June 2010 Google has made a significant change to its algorithms with its Caffeine project where it is assigning greater authority to websites that have fresh, regularly updated content.

Creating and Managing good Content

Creating and managing content for your online assets is one of the most powerful ways you can differentiate and promote your organisation to both human and search engine visitors. Unfortunately producing quality content on an ongoing basis is both time consuming and can see you hunting for inspiration.

Such an overwhelming task can often see this part of your communications strategy neglected, however it doesn’t need to be so and the following tips may help.

  • Block out an amount of time every day, week or month that you can dedicate to content management.
  • Carry around a smart phone, tablet device or netbook and seek out those quiet opportunities such as lunch or coffee breaks, riding the bus or train, or 15 minutes before you go to bed to jot down your ideas or create content.
  • Use content management systems and social media tool to pre publish and schedule releases of content over time.
  • Use RSS feed readers or other social media monitoring tolls to stay abreast of happenings in your industry and create content such as comments, blog posts, articles or social media updates around these happenings.

Little bits of content created regularly can quickly turn into big bits of content over an extended period of time.

Outsmart Content Management services

Outsmart has created a range of content management services for organisations that understand the importance of creating valuable, fresh content on a regular basis but lack the time, drive, or resources to do so.

Our services include:

  • Setting up content management systems across a range of different online media
  • Managing ecommerce site product catalogues
  • Professionally creating and maintaining your website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace or Linked in content.
  • Providing a wide range of copy writing services for your online and offline communications.

From one off campaigns or projects to annual service contracts, find out how you can outsmart your competitors with an Outsmart content management service today.

Content Management Solutions