Shopping Comparison Sites

What are Shopping Comparison Sites?

Shopping comparison sites are websites where customers can easily compare products and prices on broad ranges of products to find the best deals.

Shopping Comparison Sites are a market place where businesses can submit feeds of their products along with prices and features so that these products can be displayed alongside similar products from other businesses when a customer performs a search.

Why are Shopping Comparison Sites important?

Ranking high in search engine results pages is a key factor in the success of online businesses selling products on websites that do not have existing large established customer bases. For small to medium sized businesses selling popular products or well known brands this can be particularly difficult.

But, take a look at who is featuring in the top results for products such as these. Chances are you will see websites such as, ,,,

These are large established sites that commit large amounts of resources to Search Engine Optimisation and will continue to rank well for popular products and big brands.
So, wouldn’t it make sense to have your products listed on these site?

How can you use Shopping Comparison Sites?

There are a number of ways that you can list your products on the popular shopping comparison sites. This usually involves creating a merchant account, inputting your business trading details, adding some account credit and agreeing to a cost per click price for your specific product or categories.

Your products can then be added either by entering manually on a web interface or via some form of product upload.

How Outsmart Shopping Comparison Site Solutions Can help you?

Outsmart work with all of the major shopping comparison sites and can provide a comparison shopping sites management solution for your business.

An Outsmart Shopping Comparison Site solution includes:

  • Creating merchant accounts for you on selected shopping comparison sites
  • Creating your businesses profile
  • Identifying an appropriate budget for a successful Shopping comparison site campaign
  • Creating feeds of your product catalogue in the formats required by each selected shopping comparison site,
  • Maintaining your product feed information and merchant information, and
  • Providing analytical reporting on the success of the campaign.

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