Email Marketing

Spam.. email Jam…what is the problem?

Let’s face it…. we all get way too much email and have too little time to read it. What’s more, we are often offended by the common scattergun approach of mass emailing and other non-directive advertising campaigns that end up in our inboxes without invitation and relegate the likes of such to the spam or junk mail sin bin to punish the companies that send them.

These types of email campaigns will just not cut it with today’s savvy, but time poor internet users.

Is Email Marketing still important?

There are 22 Million people living in Australia and more than 75% of them use the Internet for browsing specific products or services, to purchase items and check their emails every day. Not one of them likes to be spammed with junk mail.

With this being said, many of us have a selection of emails subscriptions that we receive willingly from preferred product or service providers. Having your business on this “allowed” list is no easy feat, but gives you the permission to build good relationships with your customers or prospects.

For this reason, a successful email marketing strategy for your business should be high on your internet marketing priority list.

How to become be successful at Email Marketing?

There are 2 important parts to an email marketing strategy.

The first is Subscriber or Mailing List Management and involves the development of a strategy for building your list or lists of willing subscribers to your email publications. Building a quality mailing list is something that does not happen overnight as internet users are extremely wary of adding to their daily burden of junk mail.

The second is about the creation, publication and distribution of your email marketing content in a way that is effective, measurable and does not contravene strict legislation regarding the distribution of spam mail. Once you have been granted permission to send your email marketing campaign to an internet user, you have a unique and valuable opportunity for engaging with them in a very personal way. This opportunity should not be treated lightly and you must be creating value for your subscribers if you wish to maintain them.

Outsmart Email Marketing Solutions

An Outsmart email marketing strategy involves the use of clever, creative and ethical means for attracting email subscribers and ensuring that you deliver content to them which is seen as valuable and in accordance with their expectations.

We use best practice tools to make it easy for you to track everything about your email marketing campaign, including the number of people who received your email, who opened it, who click through it as well as conversion rates and many other statistics that are useful for measuring the performance of the campaign.

And we can optimise your campaigns through the use of A/B comparisons to determine the impact of your headlines, images, and offers

To grow your business and build meaningful customer relationships contact Outsmart today to our email marketing solutions.

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