Online Directory Submission

Why fuss all about online directories?

A website’s presence or popularity on the internet is a highly influential factor in SEO. A website’s popularity can be measured in a number of ways, but fundamental to this is the quality and quantity of backlinks, links from high ranking websites pointing to pages of your website. The more popular your site, the higher it will rank in the search engine results.

Cost effective Search Engine Optimisation.

Establishing backlinks to your website is an important SEO strategy for which unfortunately there are no easy fixes. Automatic link submissions and link farms can actually destroy your site’s search engine rankings, while the development of quality back links to your site will improve it.

The submission of your website to quality Online Directories is an effective technique for a SEO link building strategy.

Online directories are the transformation of the traditional yellow or white pages that we used to find in every household. Where these traditional directories used to be the primary means of finding people, products and services in a large geographic area, online directories provide complete contact details of businesses in a more targeted way.

Online directories are a useful search engine marketing tool for your business. Many of these services are available for minimal cost, for free or offer premium directory listings with added benefits. Online directories can be very broad in their nature covering a wide range of product or services listings or they can be industry specific attracting users searching specifically for your product or service offering.

Improve your website traffic with online directory submissions

One of the most effective means of getting noticed by the likes of Google, Bing, Yahoo or Ask search engines is by creating links that would connect your site to and from other websites, optimising and increasing your presence in the world wide web. It is relatively simple to place links on your website linking out to other poignant websites, however getting quality back links from other related sites back to your site takes a considerable investment in time and effort.

Back links easily obtained, such as those made available through link farms or automatic submissions, can actually do you more harm then good in how the search engines view you. You need to be cautious on registering with websites that all hyperlink to every other site belonging to the group. Link farms should be treated with care as Google is consistent in penalising sites that are connected with link farms so as to avoid spamming the search engine index (Spamdexing).

Listing your website on quality online directories can provide an effective means of generating quality back links and is an important element in a back link building strategy. This can be achieved by submitting your website and your businesses details to many of the numerous quality online directories and is an effective means

Outsmart Directory Submission Strategies

Submitting your site to multiple online directories is a valuable strategy for SEO and SEM however it can be a frustrating time consuming task, time better spent on more important aspects of running your business. Using automated directory submission can be fraught with dangers that could ultimately see your site blacklisted from some of the search engines.

This is why trusting your online directory submissions to Outsmart makes sense.

Outsmart Directory Submission solutions include:

  • Identifying paid and free online directories beneficial to business
  • Creating and managing your online directory submissions
  • Ensuring your online directory submissions are optimised and up to date
  • Building your website submissions to online directories in a consistent and gradual manner

Talk to to Outsmart about an online directory submission strategy, or a more in depth back link strategy for your business or organisation today.

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