Website Structure

Is poor website structure driving away your customers?

Your website structure refers to both the way in which you organise the information or content on your website as well as the systems of navigation that you offer to find it.

By the time a customer arrives at your website, chances are that considerable cost or considerable effort has been expended in attracting them. Once they are on your site, it is critical that they can easily find a solution to their problem for if they cannot they may quickly bounce away from your site, never to return.

How good website structure can improve your conversions?

A well-structured website is one which is simple and intuitive or familiar for visitors to find what they want

If visitors find it easy to navigate your site, and find the solutions to their problems, then chances are they will stay longer on your site and have a higher conversion rate.

Good website structure also makes it easier for search engines to crawl your site, discover its content and understand their themes which is an important factor in search engine optimisation.

Improve your website structure

The biggest problem we see with website structure is when web developers build websites around the limitations of particular content management systems, rather than designing based on how people are likely to use and interact with it.

This can result in content being siloed, or being too many clicks deep in the site.

Good site structure should be intuitive, see pages accessed or linked together by key themes and should keep pages the smallest number of links possible from the home page.

How can we help?

Outsmart can help you increase website conversion through improving your site structure in the following ways:

  • Performing reviews of your website through the eyes of both human and search engine users
  • Assessing your sites structure against your most profitable keywords and themes
  • Making changes to your site structure either using your existing content management system, or migrating your website to a content management system that gives you better control over your site structure
  • Providing analytical data to back up all recommendations and assess changes implemented.

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