Great website functionality equals great conversion rates

Things are going great! You have lots of traffic hitting your website every day and visitors are spending a lot of time on your site. But something’s not quite right. Your traffic statistics are going through the roof, but for some reason this is not converting into new leads, orders, enquiries or sales.

Is your website performing as it should or is your websites functionality letting you down?

As business owners, developers, marketers or webmasters our vision of our own website can be clouded or blinded by our familiarity. Familiarity with where content is located, with the checkout process on an eCommerce site, with the classification or categorisation of content, or with the functionality of links, buttons or other inbuilt functionality. 

But in most cases, we are not the websites business or customers. And quite often, we may be losing our website visitors when they can’t find what they are looking for, the website is too slow, or they are frustrated by a process that doesn’t work quite as well as it should.

Why great Website Functionality is Important

Website Functionality is one of the greatest factors affecting the conversion of your websites visitors into customers. Unfortunately however, website functionality is often overlooked, incorrectly assumed or worse of all compromised by technological constrains or infatuation.

The conversion of your websites visitors into customers will be maximised if you have a highly functional website because:

  • Customers are more likely to be satisfied, not frustrated, with the website or product;
  • Customers can complete their goals effectively and efficiently; and 
  • You will create confidence and trust in your product or web site.

If your website visitors can do what they want to do on your site quickly, intuitively and efficiently they are more likely to convert, become loyal, and possibly even recommend your website to others.

What you can do to improve your website functionality

The 3 keys to exceptional website functionality…Testing, testing and testing!  

The only way to truly appreciate how people react with your website, where the road blocks or drop out points are and which parts of your website create satisfaction or frustration is through testing and analytics. 

Websites function best when you keep things simple

Most internet users have come to expect certain things from websites and its important that you adopt these conventions on your site. Things like:
Having your company logo in the top left hand corner of your site as a link which when clicked returns you to your home page,

  • Having a simple top navigation that can navigate you (with as few clicks as possible) to your desired page on the site,
  • Having easy to find about us, contact us and sitemap links,
  • Having an easy to find search box on each page that is capable of searching all site content,
  • Ensuring their are no broken links to dead ends within the site, 
  • Ensuring the site is fast enough that there is no unnecessary waiting for page loads, and
  • Ensuring that people can submit forms, or pass through checkouts with the minimum of fuss.
  • While innovation is the heart of the internet, best practice and conventions are the blood that circulates through its veins.  

How Outsmart’s Website Functionality Services can help you.

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How people react with your website and what leads to success or failure can be complex to determine.
Outsmart’s website functionality services provide an independent, unbiased analysis and review of your website or technology platform and include the following services:

  • Detailed analysis of your websites analytics to determine roadblocks and drop off points
  • Testing your websites functionality and performance across a range of popular web browsers.
  • Testing and analysis of your websites workflow processes
  • Presentation of our detailed findings and recommendations for your existing web developer to implement or implementing our recommendations for you.
  • Equipping your team with the skills they need to stay on top of your website functionality issues.
  • Whether is be a once off review or ongoing managed service, Outsmart’s website functionality services are guaranteed to improve your conversion rates from website functionality issues.