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Great communication skills are pivotal to the success of any business and when it comes to doing business on-line, your content is your most important means of communication. Whether it is content on your website, add banners, PPC ads, Facebook page or your Twitter feeds, the importance of quality, accurate and well presented cannot be over emphasized.

Content is the way we communicate on the web and the success of your website or on-line business will be influenced largely on its content.

The best content gets the best conversions

Why is good content so important?

When are on-line we tend to skim through an overwhelming amount of content until what we are looking for catches our eyes. We are impatient and have developed great skills at finding what we are looking for and then making assessments based on the quality, presentation and context of the content.

This is why web content is different to any other media.

A website with great content will firstly make a great first impression with your visitors. This will encourage them stay on your site longer and invest their time in trying to solve their problem.

If you operate in a competitive market, great website content is one of the few ways that you can really differentiate yourself from your competition. By demonstrating your expertise or authority in your field and great, well structured content will allow your visitors to quickly find the solution to their need or problem on your website.

Great Content leads to higher conversions

And the problem of great content is not limited to website content. Twitter gives you 140 characters to get across your message. Adwords and other PPC ads give you limited characters to stand out from your competition. Your comparison shopping site ads are limited according to the specific shopping site they are shown on and apart from having the cheapest prices, having different, well considered content is the only way you can really set yourself apart from the pack.

On the Internet having great content is very often where the on-line battle is lost or won.

Things you can do to improve your content

Web pages should be fast loading, key ideas and themes should be eye catching, unique and interesting, and should quickly solve the visitor’s problems. Your content is your opportunity to shine, stand out from the crowd and outsmart your competition.

If you are an eCommerce site your content; product images, item descriptions, presentation of the features and benefits of the items you are selling is your opportunity to shine and ensure you stand out from the rest of the flock of sheep who largely are using content supplied directly from the manufacturer.

People love fresh content and will visit your site more often if the content on it is well presented, continues to grow, be fresh, informative and valuable. The irony is that search engines are just the same and will crawl your site more often.

By monitoring your manufacturers, experts in your field of industry trends and reporting this type of related content on your website you can be one of the first with news related to your industry, new services and new products as soon as they are announced. Be the first to have your content up to date and ahead of the publicity curve, because you can be sure as hell everyone else isn’t!

Your customers will love you and the search engines will reward your unique and informative insights.

Outsmart Content Services

As a business owner, marketer or web-master managing your Internet content can be a significant and quite often low priority task.

Outsmart’s content management solutions are indefensible and cost less than you may think. Our content management solutions include:

  • Consulting on content strategy
  • Equipping your team with the skills they need to produce your own quality website content
  • Copy writing services and managing your website content for you
  • Managing your news or blog and other web publishing content
  • Writing your PPC ads, Banner ads, comparison shopping site ads.
  • Managing and publishing your social media from Twitter and Facebook posts – whatever social media you employ.

From fully managed content services to the provision of specific projects or tasks, climb to the top of your field with great content from Outsmart today.

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