A/B Comparison Testing

What is A/B comparison testing?

What if there was a technique that could measure the optimum way to layout a webpage; how to describe a product, where to place an image and what headlines to use. What if this technique allowed you to measure the effectiveness of placing a buy now button, or contact us call to action in different locations on a page.

What if after testing each of these elements in isolation, the positive findings are combined together.

A/B testing will give you the answers to all of these questions

Why is A/B Comparison testing important?

A/B Comparison testing is a scientific approach to conversion optimisation on your website. It is a methodology where individual changes are tested against a control and in isolation of other changes and testing.

In A/B comparison testing we serve up 2 variants of a page featuring these individual isolated changes to equal numbers of visitors and to determine which version of the change results in the highest rate of conversions.

How can A/B comparison testing improve your website conversions?

Anyone familiar with PPC advertising should be familiar with A/B comparison practices. By serving up variations of a PPC ad, and serving up variations of landing pages, the PPC advertiser can quickly and scientifically determine the optimum way to achieve his PPC goals.

The same applies to your website design and content. A/B comparison testing can allow you to optimise a page title, heading, content text, image, layout and call to actions.

Outsmart A/B Comparison Solutions

Outsmart has devised a proven methodology for A/B comparison testing that is guaranteed to improve your website conversions.

Depending on your website design and platform we can manually or dynamically set up an A/B comparison testing campaign for your website and recommend the changes to content and page layout elements that will improve your website conversion rates.

Our A/B comparison team will provide you with a detailed report of our findings and recommendations so that your existing web developers can make the recommended implementations or alternative Outsmart can configure these for you.

Contact Outsmart today to see how A/B comparison testing can improve your online success.

AB Comparison Testing