Increase Website Conversions

The factors which affect the success of an online business can be broadly classified into 2 categories, increasing website traffic and increasing website conversions.

Website conversions mean different things to different businesses and could include; generating a lead, closing a sale, generating an inquiry, or signing up new members.

When we refer to website conversion rates, we are referring to the number of conversions, or goals, completed per visit, number of visitors or unique visitors.

Why increase your website conversions?

Poor website conversion rates are an opportunity cost. They are the equivalent of running an advertising campaign to attract potential customers into your shop or business, only to lose them through your inability to make the right impression, engage them or convince them that you can efficiently provide a solution to their problem.

In the online world, your online assets, be it a website, blog or social media profiles are your means of communicating with your potential customers and are the place where you create trust, inform and convince them that your business is a good place to do business.

This is why one size fits, template approaches such as off the shelf solutions often do not work.

How can you increase your website conversions?

There are 3 key areas to work on when you are looking at increasing website conversions; Website Structure, Content and Functionality.

Website structure is about ensuring your website is set up in a way that people are used to, with easy to understand simple navigation, easy to find contact and about us details and content organised in a logical and predictable fashion.

Content is king, queen, price and princess. It is where you convince your website visitors about your expertise or authority on the problem, product or service and where you establish the tone of your business.

Functionality is about your website operating in a way that users are accustomed to;
Fast, without errors or roadblocks and with minimal steps to do what they want to do.

Outsmart website conversions solutions.

Outsmart guarantee that we can increase your website conversions. Outsmart conversion optimisation solutions include;

  • Analysis and recommendations on your websites structure, content and functionality,
  • A/B comparison testing, and analytical reviews and recommendations based on your websites visitors’ behaviour,
  • Training in content writing techniques, and
  • Training in goal measurement and analysis.

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