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Why My Friends Don’t Use Twitter

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Twitter is a leading social network which claims over 175 million registered users, yet as we reported about in our post Where Have All the Twitter Users Gone the actual number of active users is considerably less than this.

And, to be honest, it’s not surprising why?

Twitter is a crappy User Experience!

Twitter is no Apple when it comes to the user experience. You couldn’t imagine Twitter using this in their promotional advertising could you?

What is Twitter? Twitter is thin. Twitter is beautiful. Twitter goes anywhere and lasts all day. There’s no right way or wrong way. It’s crazy powerful. It’s magical. You already know how to use it. It’s 200,000 apps and counting. All the world’s websites in your hand. It’s video, photos, more books than you can read in a lifetime. It’s already a revolution and its only just begun.

Which is unfortunate, because Twitter technically does do most of that, it just does it in such a way that of 175 million registered accounts, less than 10% of those have been used enough to follow 64 other Twitter users.

This is why Twitter requires a Steve Jobs, or perhaps an enchanting Guy Kawasaki, Apple Computer’s former chief evangelist.

Steve Jobs with apples IPod, IPhone and IPads has changed the technology paradigm, taking tech from the geeks and giving it to the cool set. Twitter, on the other hand is a geek product that has enjoyed widespread adoption mainly with media and marketing types.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Twitter, I think it’s very clever, and it can be a very useful tool, but it’s far from fitting Guy’s criteria for enchantment, being likeability, trustworthiness and a great product. Now while experienced Twitter users may end up being Enchanted by Twitter, how many people can honestly say they found Twitter to be likeable, trustworthy or a great product when they first tried it? Statistically in fact, that’s not the majority of registered Twitter users

To illustrate my point, let’s take a new user through the initial twitter experience. To Start with they arrive at the Twitter website to be greeted by,

Twitter – the best way to discover what’s new in your world.

Now, that sounds like a good promise, doesn’t it.

New to Twitter? Easy, free, and instant updates. Get access to the information that interests you most.

OK, I am sold Step 1, lets register.

Twitter Suer Account Signup

And we are in!.

So, Step 2, follow 10 people that interest me. Hmm, lets go with Twitter’s recommendations.

Twitter Who to Follow

My 10 recommended people to follow are:

  1. @Rove1974 Rove McManus
  2. @KRuddMP Kevin Rudd
  3. @mpesce Mark Pesce
  4. @DoctorKarl Dr Karl
  5. @KateKendall Kate Kendall
  6. @Wil_Anderson Wil Anderson
  7. @paulverhoeven Paul Verhoeven
  8. @mariekehardy Marieke Hardy
  9. @joshthomas87 Josh thomas
  10. @GetUp GetUp!

All followed and in the spirit of expediency I am going to skip all steps involved with creating me a new profile and move right onto the end result of our adventure into the wonderful world of  Twitter.

So, here we go:

First up:

New Twitter Feed 01

Boy, do I agree with you @joshthomas87 Josh Thomas

New Twitter Feed 02

Go @Devops_Borat, I love you too! Give my regards to your sister.

New Twitter Profile 03

Hmm, maybe once we get to know each other a little better @mariekehardy Marieke Hardy

New Twitter Feed 04

@mpesce Mark Pesce, Hmm, well if I was one of the half a million short statured people living in the USA, I may get offended a little at this.

New Twitter Profile 05

@paulverhoeven Thanks Paul, there’s something I didn’t know.

New Twitter Profile 06

@mpesce Mark Pesce well seeing as you dislike Dwarves so much.

New Twitter Profile 07

@paulverhoeven Actually, Kwanzaa is an African-American holiday about the festival of the first harvest of the crops. Nothing racist there.

New Twitter Profile 08

@mpesce Beheadings and titties? Must be viking hour.

New Twitter Profile 09

@mpesc I am sooo glad that you clarified that.

and finally…

New Twitter Profile 10

@paulverhoeven I hope that’s consensual!

You know, I honestly couldn’t have made this up better than what has greeted my new Twitter user tonight. What do you think Steve Jobs and Guy Kawasaki?

I was going to make a video of my wife setting up a new Twitter account instead of simply typing this post. Kind of glad I didn’t really as I think I would have scared her right off Twitter.

So perhaps Twitter isn’t for the faint hearted after all. Or perhaps Twitter needs to take a look at it’s user statistics and try and work out why the majority of registered users never actually use the thing. Perhaps they can think of how they can create a truly great Social Networking platform by working on a great user experience.

OK, so flame me!

Website Design – Focus Cambodia

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

The Client

Focus Cambodia is an Australian registered charity doing amazing work to change the life of impoverished communities in the republic of Cambodia.

The Problem

Focus Cambodia required a solution for promoting its charitable activities, attracting new supporters and engaging with existing supporters, and raising much needed funds through the sale of items handmade by many of the communities it was supporting.

The organisation required the solution to be simple to self manage and take advantage of wider audiences on popular social media services such as Twitter and Facebook.

The Solution

Outsmart developed a social media marketing strategy for Focus Cambodia which included a website and blog which was tightly integrates with a twitter and Facebook page.

The website is highly dynamic and allows focus Cambodia to report on its activities, successes and challenges, which can be flag to featured on the site home page so that its is constantly fresh and up to date.

Not being particularly web savvy, Outsmart created the system so that by simply creating posts and selecting appropriate check boxes, the posts can be featured, shown non the home page, and published by RSS feed, on its Facebook page and as a Twitter feed.

The Results

Focus Cabodia has reported that the website has become central to the promotion and reporting of its activities as well as allowing it to create a wide and highly engaged supporter base.

Supporters are engaging with the organisation on Facebook, Twitter and directly on the site, and its customer base for its handmade crafts is expanding exponentially.

Interestingly, a secondary impact of the success of the strategy is that the organisation now has a highly effective archive of its activities which has improved accountability and supported engagement.


Web design, social media, social networking, internet marketing strategy, Twitter, Facebook

Social Media Strategy – Fruut Toy Storage System

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

The Client

fruut is a new and exciting brand of innovative and stylish toy storage products created by Australian company Live Play Create, designed to make it easy to store, play and pack away.

It is a system that is comprised of fruut sacks, a toy bag which opens up to become a toy play surface particularly suited to toys with multiple small pieces, and stylish hangers or racks such as the fruut tree, a beautiful piece of wall art with hooks on which the fruut sacks and other items can be hung.

The Problem

The owners of the fruut brand needed a way of promoting the brand and its unique value proposition to its target market of Australian mothers of young children which have a passion for unique and stylish home décor.

Being a new concept in toy storage, the company needed to create an awareness of the product as it developed its retail channel which included both its existing toy retailers but would extend to children’s boutiques, home furnishing specialist as well as interior decorators and commercial designers.

The Solution

Outsmart worked with Live Play Create to develop a grass roots online strategy for the company to compliment both its exisiting online campigns as well as its offline marketing initiatives.

The strategy included the following elements;

  • Website design: a fruut brand specific micro site, which promoted fruuts features, benefits and brand promosition
  • Video: as the product was so unique, video was embedded into the fruut websites home page, company youtube channel and embedded as a viral facebook video
  • Blog: a series of blog articles on the companys blog, which were syndicated onto the fruut website and published on its twitter and facebook profiles
  • SEO: the website was optimised around key serach terms such as toy storage, toy storage systems and shildrens storage
  • SEM: the website was promoted on a large number of online directories, shopping comparison sites and its blog and social media updates were keyword enriched and promoted so that they would rank in erach engine results
  • Shopping comparison sites: the products were submitted to all of the major Australian shopping comparison sites such as, getprice, nexttag, and shopbot.
  • PPC: A google adwords PPC campign established around keywords realted to toy storage
  • Social Media – Facebook a very active campign on the Live Play Create facebook fan page interacting in particulalr with a lage number of complimentary facebook pages and mum bloggers.
  • Facebook ads; in addition to the social networking campaihgn on facebook, an intensive 8 week facebook ads campaign was created to build the companys brand avocates.
  • Social Media – Twitter: creating awarenewss through interactions on titter with influencial twitter avolcates and mum bloggers
  • Social Bookmarkeing – an extensive campaign of social bookmarkeing of the fruut website and blog posts related to the brand on a wide range of social networking sites

The Results

Live Play Create report that a lot of interest has been created in the new brand from both expected and unexpected sales channels. This has led to the creation of a wide retail distribution channel as well as the product being used by commercial interior design firms for creating unqiue spaces for children.

The brand has been widely promoted by pro bloggers and social media champions

The brand’s video has been viewed over 10,000 times and website is ranking number 1 in google for toy storage system and on page 1 for toy storage as well as for its brand names.

At a recent trade show the company was amazed at buyer awareness of the product, reporting they had been exposed to the concept particularly in the social media and in industry blogs.


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SEO Strategy – Austin Developments

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

The Client

Austin Developments is a developer of stylish and unique outdoor living environments. Based in Perth, Western Australia, the company has a strong reputation for its quality and creativity in outdoor pergola, patio, cabana and timber decking designs.

The problem

Austin Developments had identified that its potential customers had shifted from using traditional directories such as the Yellow Pages towards online sources of information.

To better take advantage of this shift, Austin Developments wanted to create a Internet Marketing Strategy which would give it a greater and more effective presence online.

Frustrated that a considerable portion of its marketing budget had been spent on Yellow Pages style campaigns and that their corporate website was expensive to modify every time they wanted to make a changes, the company approached Outsmart to help it create a more effective internet marketing strategy.

The Solution

Austin Developments are artisans in their field, the creation of exemplarity outdoor living spaces and had an impressive portfolio of work to its credit. As such, we decided that their online presence needed to take maximum advantage of visuals of its great work.

First and foremost was the recreation of a website which had a simple to use and maintain content management system. A system that was easy for the owners to manage themselves and upload each new project as completed to expand their online portfolio.

Video was created and integrated into the website to give visitors an experience of the lifestyle improvements that was accompany an investment in an Austin Development lifestyle space.

We created a rage of high quality image galleries so that users of the website could get inspirations for their own projects as well as demonstrate the company’s track record.

A blog incorporated in the site allowed the owners to write about each project as completed, talking about the design briefs, challenges which needed to be overcome and how they arrived at the specific solution.

An integration with social media sites such as twitter and Facebook mean that Austin developments could be exposed to a wider audience and take advantage of some of the viral benefits of things such as the Facebook like buttons.

Finally, we implemented a highly targeted SEO campaign to improve the companies ranking in the major search engines.

The Results

The company has reported that it has decided to reduce its large expenditure on Yellow Pages advertising as it starts to receive the benefits of new online marketing strategy.

Customers are spending more time on their website and they are using it as a marketing tool while in customer presentations.

The ability to manage their own online content rather than rely on a web dev elopement firm means they are now updating this on a regula basis and it has become an integral part of its marketing mix that it now has control of.

keywords: seo, social neworking, blogging, website design, web development, wordpress