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Social Networking Strategy – Love of Coffee

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

The Client

Coffee Shrine is a Perth based reseller of coffee related equipment, services and supplies. It markets its products and services nationally across a number of distinct coffee related markets.

The Problem

Coffee Shrine wanted to expose its business to a much broader audience than existing customers and customers searching for specific products that it sold. Believing that it could significantly expand its business if it could create engage with a wider audience of coffee lovers, the company needed a solution for expanding its reach.

The Solution

Outsmart developed a strategy for Coffee Shrine which involved the creation of a new “independent” industry brand. Love of Coffee, which was Coffee Shrine’s tag line, was a coffee news blog & website which positioned itself as on of Australia’s most important coffee resources.
The blog uses a magazine format, and includes industry news, café reviews, product reviews and information on coffee machines.
The Love of Coffee website also publishes aggregates feeds from a range of other trusted coffee sites and is very tightly integrates with Twitter and Facebook

Coffee Shrine places subtle banner ads on the site to promote its related products and where relevant has some keyword linking back to its ecommerce website.

The Results

The Love of Coffee website is a top ranking Australian coffee blog.
It is generating a significant volume of new traffic for the Coffee Shrine website as well as third part endorsement for many of its products.

Importantly, the Love of Coffee website has had a significant impact on Coffee Shrine’s search engine rankings for its primary ecommerce website, with new products launched simultaneously on the ecommerce site also being featured in the Love of Coffee blog.


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NexTag Australia – Shopping Comparison Sites

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

In the first major shake up to the Shopping Comparison Site market in Australia for some time, NexTag have announced that Australia is now a major focus of their expansion.

NexTag is focussing on a major puch into the Australian Shopping Comparison Site market

While Australian’s may not be that familiar with the NexTag brand, online merchants should to be aware that NexTag were recently rated as one of the top Paid CSEs (Comparison Shopping Engines) in the United States, sending online retailers the most traffic and revenue of any of the US Shopping Comparison Sites.

Outside of the US Market, NexTag operate in 8 international markets and Australia is their next major market focus.

Importantly, NexTag do not aim to be a just another player in the markets in which they operate, they are extremely capable and well capitalised and aim to be market leading Australian shopping comparison site.

Listing with NexTag offers Australian online merchants the following benefits:

  • Low risk – It costs just $50 to set up your account, and this is a prepayment on the “clicks” that you receive. Importantly you can cancel your account at anytime if you aren’t satisfied, and any money left in your account will be refunded.
  • Easy and not time consuming for you – NexTag simply browse a feed from your shop which is the same as the data feed.
  • Fast -The registration process only takes a few minutes
  • New/Quality traffic – Low audience overlaps with competitors.
  • Accountability – You can track your results and using the NexTag ROI optimizer you can track the number of sales generated by NexTag leads.

If you are considering ways to improve your Search Engine Marketing (SEM), NexTag will offer high exposure to potential customers for a very low cost.

About the Author:
Outsmart is a Perth based Internet marketing company which specialises in search and social media marketing strategies.